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Thread: 360 kit for fiero

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    360 kit for fiero

    been waiting over a year for this. now he has it on his stie

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    Re: 360 kit for fiero

    Looks like Steve did it again.. Last I new Steve Terrerian was modifing the Carrera GT molds into the 360. You can see by the pics that he used the same front hood, fenders and headlight surrounds on the 360. Looks pretty nice! One word of advice, Dave the owner of UFP a "independant builder" Do NOT deal with this guy! I have seen his rough install, his finished cars. Believe me the finished car looks like a 13 year old did the rough install and then painted it. No Joke!
    Deal with Steve him self. If you are interested in building this version on the 360 go direct

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    Re: 360 kit for fiero

    steve did the original mr2 kit years ago, so i dont see why he would modify the carrera-like kit into a 360 ???
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    Re: 360 kit for fiero

    That's definitely a conversion of the Carrera GT Fiero kit, regardless of who did it. It has the resemblence, but not enough for my liking. It's a step in the right direction at least.

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    Re: 360 kit for fiero

    I'm sorry but I dont think it looks good at all. After seeing a real 360 I have not seen a kit that is even close.

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