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Thread: Need you guys help bad!!!!

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    Need you guys help bad!!!!

    HI guys I havent been on in a while and I need help from you bad!!!
    I was out last wewekend driving my fiero and the worst happened, it cought fire!!!
    smoke started pouring out from the senter console, and the rear deck lid. I lost power to the engine so I coasted to the side of the road. I quickly ripped the center console clean out of its position to find there was a wire that was red hot and all the coating was burned off. I quickly grabbed the wire and pulled it in half breaking the connection. I then ran to the back of the car were another wire did the same thing and there was a fire by the back drivers side tire. After getting the battery cable undone the fire went out.(and some water)
    I wasnt loosing my future lambo that easily!!! To make this long story short the next day I went out to the car after my wife pushed me home and discovered there was a terrible short somewere. atfer playing with it for days the car turns over but the car doesnt start. also after testing the fuses I noticed there is no power to the fuse box. I beleive if I was to restore power to the fuse box then the car will start. My question is:

    Do you guys know were the main wire to the fuse box is??
    or do you know were the fuseable link is that powers the fuse box??
    Any help with this would be great, Im tired of pushing the car back and forth from block to block because were I live they do street cleaning and require you to more the car. I dont really have the money for an electrical test. LAst resort is to put the car up for sale.

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    Re: Need you guys help bad!!!!

    The fusible link should be on a black terminal mount just above and rearward of the battery. The fuse panel should get power from there. I can't think of anything electrcial at the wheel that would catch on fire.
    Did you install anything electrical into the car? That is the first place I would look.

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    Re: Need you guys help bad!!!!

    No actually to tell you the truth The rear brake line was on fire so Im am guessing that something must have grounded out on the brake system. The only thing I did to the car was add a set of fog lights but they were ok.

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