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Thread: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

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    HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    I've been looking for about a year for an "F355 Coupe Replica". Exact is alot to ask for so I've narrowed my desires. I didn't think that I was looking for too much, just some thing relatively close that an untrained passer by would have no idea. I would like the following if at all possible:

    1. Separate rocker panels that start at the front wheel well and end at the rear wheel well.

    2. An actual rear bumper and separate tail light panel, one piece is less desireable.

    3. Panels that closely resemble an actual F355 (I'm sure you've also seen what's out there.... Yech!)

    4. Interior kits (unfinished) that look like an F355, not a cleaned up Fiero.

    The kit from B & B Spyders sounded great, the kit from looked great, and the kit from also looked good.

    That is my dilema, '88 Fiero donor car is waiting. Please if you know of any reputable manufacturers, or have some interior and exterior pics of "replicas" only it would be greatly appreciated.* *

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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    Have you read any of the other posts on this forum? Do a search and the answer should be obvious.
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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    The wise man once said, read.. read.. read. And you will find the car of your dreams, How does OEM panels sound X-OTIC ? Its sickning how close these cars are ;D Inside and out.

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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    I had E-Mailed FerrariFan with a response (I couldn't reply for some reason last night), I have read almost every thread on this forum, and there are so many different opinions of each supplier, I only want to see what others have crafted, and who's replica it is. I am actually affraid to ask suppliers for information, people keep mentioning slolen pictures, and shady dealers, so I decided to turn to enthusiasts and builders. Any help would be greatly apreciated. ;D

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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    The most authentic kit on the market is by AirDynamics. He is also the most reputable. The B&B kits are poor copies of his kit. The Powerhouse cars you saw are made by A/D. Powerhouse is a seller, not a manufacturer. John Watson is the owner of AirDynamics. His number is readily available on this forum. Just give him a call. He doesn't have a website, doesn't do e-mail, and doesn't much like the web.... But he can sure build a good Ferrari body for a Fiero.      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    Thank You Very Much! I'll call him today, hopefully I can get things moving! Does anyone have some finished pics, or a personal website I could look at? Since he is not much of a web guy, I am assuming it will be had to get photos from him.

    Also, the interior package................. There is a guy in this forum who builds a very close replica, I have gone through the link, and E-Mailed him. Does anyone know any further information? Has any one used his package? Is there any other package available that is as close?

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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    The member name is Amida (Rob), for the interiors right?

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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    maybe Ari should just put a sticky for john so people can quickly know "What 355 kit to buy" We get that question four times a week and I havnt heard a different answer to it.

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    Re: HELP!!!! "realistic" F355 Coupe Replica?

    Rob's interior kit is the best in my opinion. But apparently is has stopped taking orders for a while from what I read the other day. My wife called him about a month ago for an interior kit for me and he was still taking orders though so I don't know. Worth a shot I guess... If nothing else, you can at least get in line with him maybe.

    As far as pictures of A/D kits... Look up FunnyWheels and dcox. Click on their name to see their profiles. Each of them have a link to a website with pictures... Most of FunnyWheels website is his old Mirage kit but he has lots of pics of his A/D here on the forum. Check out the recent windshield threads in Tech to see some pics of his car...      [url=]2nd Annual California Coast Run[/url

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