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Thread: BMW M5 (E60) 2004

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    BMW M5 (E60) 2004


    I'm a proud owner of a '2004' 530i. I love the looks of the new M5. Does anyone know where I can purchase the front and rear bumper, the doors mirrors and vents for the '2004' M5? It does not have to be genuine. OEM or fibreglass is also fine. Please E-mail me if you have any info on it.


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    Re: BMW M5 (E60) 2004

    Why go for the M5 kit? All you have is a 3.0, wich is great but no match for the new V10. Check out the AC SCHNITZER kit for E60, it looks much better. The kidney grills can be purchased at your local BMW dealership (you need an M5 vin#, unless you know someone there) and they can be grafted into your fenders by a reputable body shop. Just a suggestion, I just purchased their 645ci kit, it looks GREAT !

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