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Thread: Macs Autobody?

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    Macs Autobody?

    I just found this company out of florida that creates a countach kit that doesn't require a stretch, and its like only $4000 or something like that. I know that probably one of the only companies that developed a non-stretch countach based kit for the fiero (D&R), however, just wanting to see whats the word on the street

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    Re: Macs Autobody?

    I haven't heard too much about them lately. Last I remember they were selling the company (not sure though) You might want to check into that first ???. There are a few company's aswell making non-stretch Countach kits like Euro Works exc, You might check them out.

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    Re: Macs Autobody?

    I'm just in the process of finishing off one of Mac's Autoboy's kits. Although I did not buy the kit from them directly, the fiberglass is very good quality. I bought the car as an unfunished project and when I first got the kit , I tryed emailing Mac's Autobody, but never received any relies from them... It is not a perfect kit by far... There are allot of things I had to change... ie headlights... the turn signal light pod was used as head lights... The trunk was in one piece etc. You can check out my site if you like. It as most of the info on there that was wrong and what I did to fix them....

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    Re: Macs Autobody?

    The business was indeed sold. I was contacted by the new owner to change the website (I created the one you see at Tripod a couple years ago).

    Their kit is the same lineage(?) as the Euroworks car. Go with Euroworks if you want that car ..
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    Re: Macs Autobody?

    ok but compared to IFG, is the euro works countach package kit stage 2 "k" better equipped than the IFG 25 th anivarsary in terms of the options offered on the standard package?

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