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Thread: Building to sell...

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    Building to sell...

    What's the best replica to build in order to sell for a profit.* I'm asking more about the model of the replica rather than any company's particular kit.* So what car turns a profit most easily?* Cobra? 355?

    I realize that how well the car is built is a factor, but for the sake of this discussion, let's just assume that it is done well...


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    Re: Building to sell...

    im not trying to be a smart ass but i dont think you could build any of them and make a profit,most of the ones ive seen are to time consuming.

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    Re: Building to sell...

    With a good quality cobra kit there is room to make a profit if built nice. They are like playing with an erector set, not all that complex to build.

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    Re: Building to sell...

    Well, I'm not necessarily talking about building them in order to have a viable and profitable business/livelihood. I'm thinking more of what type of project might you be able to sell for more than what dollars you put into it - in order to have some cash leftover to fund your next project...

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    Re: Building to sell...

    Well on that note the lambo's will always bring a better return but you need a good kit to start with. Also alot of time and some experience in slicing up cars.

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    Re: Building to sell...

    ive never built a cobra,but they seem to do well on ebay and a couple of other sites ive looked at.i think you could do well with an A.D 355 coupe,ive never built one but they are engineered better than any replica ive ever seen,and the body panels are really nice,there would be an absolute minimum of body and prep work to get one of them ready,you do have to buy some expensive ferrari parts for them [qtr. glasses over $1000],but you could probably come out if you on one if you stayed focused and didnt go nuts on extras.another car ive noticed that seems to do well is the 250 gto,its not a very good looking car but the prices ive seen on them are like to have the time and funds to develop something noone else has done,something along the lines of a late model aston or the 550 coupe,its a slow process but i think the demand is real curious about the xj220,there is somebody on kits cars .com that supposedly is developing one,i think that car will do well,if the quality is good,and the car is buildable

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    Re: Building to sell...

    Ahh the 250 GTO. Now that is a cool car, not as popular but very sexy in it's style. Also the real thing is not something your rich friend has for a weekend toy.

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    Re: Building to sell...

    OK, it sounds like a good plan might be:

    Start with a Cobra or 355 (but probably a Cobra). While the "profit" margin would be less, the costs of the build are less as well. Also, these builds are less complex and would be good for gaining experience.

    Then, with experience and funds gained, move on to a quality lambo kit.

    Is that what I'm hearing so far? When you speak of the 250 GTO, is that available in a kit somewhere? If so, where?

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    Re: Building to sell...

    Here are a few companys sites., from what I here they make nice kits.

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    Re: Building to sell...

    Quote Originally Posted by SpeedOfSound
    Also the real thing is not something your rich friend has for a weekend toy.
    Actually, yes it is...

    rich guys 250TDF prototype

    photo of a production car

    :P ok ok so he isn't my friend (my friend did the complete restoration of it) and its a multi million $ toy though not the GTO, but hey it was awsome to see it being rebuilt and restored to stock look.. ;D
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