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    local ad...

    This ad is currently in my local newspaper:

    '88 Ferrari Testarosa Replica Show Car. In
    vested $35K. Sell $16,500 636-675-xxxx

    I see this sort of thing often. What is this all about? Someone invested X amount of dollars but wants to let it go for less than HALF???? It gives credence to the idea that replicas aren't worth anything. If this car is all it's cracked up to be, then why isn't the dude trying to get more?

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    Re: local ad...

    alot of people lie or inflate their "investment" in order to sell easier. others just buy down right expensive stuff without shopping around and end up finding out the real value later. the truth is always hidden but it could be that the car cost 15k, 18k or even the amount he says, you never know until you see what he is selling :
    also keep in mind some people buy a set of wheels (or whatever else), then another, then a third set and count all of them in the invested price...
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    Re: local ad...

    and a lot of people farm out all the labor,and that really adds up

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