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Thread: 355 specifications / plans

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    355 specifications / plans

    i want to get a front bumper custom made for my mr2 - and then hopefully some door skins. but - i need some plans / dimensions to work from.

    can someone hook me up / point me in the right direction? I'm willing to pay for good plans.


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    Re: 355 specifications / plans

    There's been an MR2 Based 355 kit on E-bay for quite some time... Look up the seller and ask him. I'm guessing it's the kit builder. If it turns out to be "Paul's Exotics", who does build MR2 kits... RUN AWAY!!! He will rip you.

    Otherwise, get the manual COD.

    Best of luck!

    DKOV -

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    Re: 355 specifications / plans

    Front bumper and door skins could be purchased from John Watson at 706-328-3311..

    Honest guy. Good workmanship. Fair pricing.
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    Re: 355 specifications / plans

    there's a F355-ish MR2 bodykit there too.

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    Re: 355 specifications / plans

    Here's the newest mr 2 based 355 replica from the UK. This is not an ISH car.

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