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Thread: 355 tyre size?

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    355 tyre size?

    i have just ordered my wheels for my 355/fiero and they do all 4 with tyres supplyed,i have noticed that some people run different sizes on the front and rear,what sizes do i need and how much difference does it make?my size of wheel is 17x7.5 and i haven't lowered the car yet... ???

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    Re: 355 tyre size?

    On the real ferrari the rim is 18" and the tire is 40. If you want the wheel and tire size to be the came hight as the real. ferrari it is recommend that you get a 50 series tire. The rule of thumb on rims and tires is for every inch difference on the rim you add or subtract by ten. Example if you have a rim of 18 and a tire of 40 and you went with a bigger rim asy 19 then you would subtract 10 which would brin it to a 30 series. But in your case you went a size smaller on the rim so you add 10 and bring it to a 50 series. As far as looks I would get a 45 or 40 series tire. About the with I would get the widdest tire that FIT the rim. Also as far as rating most likely in these sizes you will have an option on Z-rated, get them it will increase your handling and safety on the car. These tires will run you about $100.00 to $300.00 each depending on brand. Good luck

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    Re: 355 tyre size?

    OEM tires...

    Front 225/40 18
    Rear 265/40 18

    I have

    Front 235/35 18
    Rear 285/35 18

    On authentic Speedline/Ferrari F355 rims

    I chose to wrap the wheels in Yokohama AVS sports.

    DKOV -

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    Re: 355 tyre size?

    Here is the set I got from Ted Rutland in Tucker, Georgia. *OEM rims 225-40-18 front, 265-40-18 rear. *The front rims are 7.5 inches wide, the rears are 9.5 inches wide.

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