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Thread: short and compact trainy

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    short and compact trainy

    Hey folks,

    I'm trying to put something together of my own, however I知 stuck on transmission reason being is the car supposed to be mid-engine and preferably with longitudinal engine config. One choice is transfer config however I知 trying to avid it as much as I can for now. Since this is something more of a hobby for me I知 hoping that you gurus down here can help me and give me some pointers.
    Basically I知 looking for a trainy capable of handling about 400ponies and just about the same amount of torque that is no longer then 28 in length (stick or auto) with half shaft in midpoint and the Audi/Porsche is unfortunately to long from what I seen so far.

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    Re: short and compact trainy

    How about a built Dodge Intrepid trans? They're not very deep and will allow you to go longitudinal. It is an auto, though.
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    Re: short and compact trainy

    That's a great idea, only if you plan on using a Dodge/Chrysler engine, there isn't too much available in the way of performance equipment for these engines, so you will have signifigantly less HP/TQ than you wish. I have a 2000 Chrysler 300M, the 3.5 liter and auto stick leave much to desire, very GUTLESS! I have looked high and low for performance mods that will make more than an 2-5 horse difference, and now the tranny comes into play! This tranny is very weak, it will not, take the abuse from 400 lbs/ft of torque. The only thing going for such a combo is the 3.5 HO 300M engine sounds quite like an exotic with an aftermarket exhust.

    Your only real option is the G-50 transmission from a Porsche. It I belive was used on Turbo 911/930/993, look around though. There are some salvage yards that offer these at a prety nice price with low mileage (compared to from Porsche). There are also adapters available for these transmissions, I haven't yet seen one to modify the Chryco to anything.

    Anyone else have an idea?

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    Re: short and compact trainy

    I would even settle for a 3800 Supercharged, not sure why there isn't too much available in either the 3.4 DOHC or 3800SC around here?

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    Re: short and compact trainy

    Thanks for the suggestion RCR, however if they are the same units that the LHX's are using..... then I will have to agree with X-OTIC. That thing will be part of the road first time I push it.
    I still have to check on the Corvette C6 trans as it's already in the back I just don't know how the torque tube works and if it can be thrown out and the trans be bolted up directly to SBC block.

    If that does not work my other option is drop power put the engine transversly and use trans from Grand Prix or go back to drawing board and work around the Porsche/Audi units hanging out 8" past the wheel

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    Re: short and compact trainy

    Heres an interesting link I came across to day.
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