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Thread: Hummer Kits

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    Hummer Kits

    Where can I get the best and the most info on Hummer Kits:* Sites and Forums ???

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    Re: Hummer Kits

    I have lots of links .. should have what you're looking for
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    Re: Hummer Kits

    Get a Hummer H2 then by a body kit for it.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: Hummer Kits

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    Re: Hummer Kits

    Nuzguy know's what he's talking about ;D definetly the best place

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    Re: Hummer Kits

    when the hummer is 50,000.00 . it might cost you that much to get a kit and labor plus parts. so when your done it might be about the same. :

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    Re: Hummer Kits

    $26K but why. Go purchase a used one for $30K and drive it today.
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    Re: Hummer Kits

    Hummer=Gas Guzzler.
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    Re: Hummer Kits

    there was an electric black H1 replica at knotts. not pretty at all (the H1) but the replica was well made and i have to give it thumbs up for the electric part
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