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    Upholstery Info

    Can anyone recommend some good resources, preferably websites, with good info on doing your own upholstery? All the info I've found has been simple upholstery of door panels and such.
    Thanks in advance.
    Rick Lord<br /><br />

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    Re: Upholstery Info

    Professional 3D, web, graphic, architectural, interior, and CAM design at affoardable prices.<br />Any questions: voicemail/fax (323)281-0583<br />sales @

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    Re: Upholstery Info

    I have been looking for a while when i was redoing the Diablo seats. I couldnt find much that was related to what we want. I just jumped in and did it. wether it was right or wrong i just did it the way i thought was right and they look fine.


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    Re: Upholstery Info

    Same here. Never sewn before until my yellow car. If you have the old material that you are recovering, cut it open at every seam and use that as your template.
    Buy some cheap material to test on and learn how to cut you own templates. You have to make them slightly largerand sew about 1/2" in from the edge.
    Ask you mom, I did!


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