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Thread: The search is over !!!

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    The search is over !!!

    After seeing the production like GTM-200 from Factory Five it crossed my mind that this has to
    be one of the top kit car one could build/own.... And it's an original !!! Not a fake.
    And it looks great and can be built at an "affordable" price.. Probably cheaper than a
    top of the line cut, extend, engine swap, suspension upgrade, etc. lambo or ferrari copy.
    What do yo guys think?

    Larry G ;D


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    Re: The search is over !!!

    looks good,i like everything but the taillamp,exhaust panel

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    Re: The search is over !!!


    I like every bit of the car. Is there a web site to explore for additional information? Looks like a cross between a 360 Ferrari and a Ford GT 40.

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    Re: The search is over !!!

    I have heard from direct sources that the car will only be made availible to prior factory five cobra kit car owners. That way it doesn't flood the market for the first couple of years and build up a supply and demand in their favor. I have been looking for this car for a couple years now. I'm glad to see it made it to production.

    I am really interested to see what drivetrain is used. Also isn't it weird that they are using an LS1 motor in a ford-based company car?
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    Re: The search is over !!!

    I agree, the car is very nice other than the tail section...

    they should lose that exhaust system mounting up high (looks very cheesy), they should go with a more Euro looking taillight panel (355 lights perhaps) and they should lose that baby fin and just have the lines wrap around to the rear without that break for a less American look,

    other than that the lines on the car are awesome. Very good looking beast.

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    Re: The search is over !!!

    It is a great looking car, although I have to agree the back could have been done a little more tasteful. I would love to see one painted! Whats the donor? I heard that its C5 corvette but looking at the motor and frame set up it doesn't seem to be correct. It looks like total custom job.


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    Re: The search is over !!!

    i hate to say it but i think it looks beter than a gt 40.i cant wait to see a red or bright white one.look at the roof

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    Re: The search is over !!!

    That looks to much like a GT40 to be orginal. Its like the Aztec7 that was based of a concept but it was still a copy. Im checking into this car though to see its worth the buildup or wait for a murcielago replica.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: The search is over !!!

    The back end to me is a weak spot but the front is suffering too. There is so much of it there. There is a huge overhang in front and there is a lot of distance from the door to the wheel well. There must be a HUGE trunk there. To me it looks like they converted a Corvette to rear engine. The windshield has a very steep rake too which is makes it less exotic looking. Good on them for doing it but it has been in the making for a very long time now - it really should have made it to market by now.

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    Re: The search is over !!!

    I talked to those guys at SEMA this year and the car will use donor parts from a C5(drivetrain, engine trans tanks,etc) in the same way that their Cobra uses a 5.0. The car is still a little ways from production, but they are shooting for 20 grand on the kit(chassis and body) and avail later this year. But that's what they told me last year. It will be for sale to those who have build one of their other kits only.

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