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Thread: Euroworks?

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    Is Euroworks still in business...I'm trying to email them and my messages come back as undeliverable???...anyone know
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    Re: Euroworks?

    The same thing happen to me when i emailed them about the K1 attack. The only way i think its possble to contact them is by phone.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: Euroworks?

    According to Alan (the previous owner):

    "Euro-Works Ltd. has been sold to Mid Atlantic Customs in Va. The name will remain the same. You can contact the new owner at 540-793-3876.
    We sold the European side of the business which is the Attack and Evoluzione kits to them.
    Our company name now is Euroworks Exotics Llc. We continue to manufacturer and provide the finest Countach, Diablo, and corvette kits on the market"


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