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Thread: Can't Wait

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    Can't Wait

    I don't know how you guys do this waiting game. I have only two weeks (weekend of the 17th) untill I am able to pick up my donor car from Flordia and I can not stop thinking about it and all the things I have done and how they look and how it will drive and everything. This is just brutal!!! This is the list of things I decided on doing:

    4.9 Engine conversion w/ standard 3 speed fiero
    Shift Kit in Fiero 3 speed
    Batt moved up front
    Calipers, valve covers, headers (cermanic coated), and throttle body polished with a candy apple clear all powdercoated
    Tranny and oil coolers
    Replaced all rubber hoses besides brakes with braided SS ones
    New suspension on all 4 points
    New poly bushings on the front and rear suspension as well as the cradle
    Custom exhaust w/ cat and in tube mufflers
    Trunk Cut for exhaust
    All wires wrapped in a heat protective sheeting
    Car Alarm with remote start, adding power door lock and windows, car shut off function if alarm is going off, door poppers
    The car had a new Kicker speaker system in it

    And to think after all this work the car is still going to look like a straght POS, a true sleeper thats for sure! Oh well, that is the part of the process that I am looking forward to messing with. Oh if there was only a way to be able to turn off your brains thought process it would make this whole having to wait thing much easier! Will post pics when I get the car to Atlanta.

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    Re: Can't Wait

    I was also thinking of building a Fiero into a sleeper. Getting a V8 LS1 or LS6 then get a twin turbo setup with NOS. That car would probly out perform a real Lamborghini Gallardo concidering it would weight alot less and its much smaller.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: Can't Wait

    Yea it will just be a sleeper for a very short amount of time....hopefully as I get her new body to match the performence of the car ready. I do not know how you guys do this whole waiting thing!

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