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Thread: VDO Guage :Odometer problem:

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    VDO Guage :Odometer problem:

    I can't seem to get my Odometer or tripometer to work on my VDO guage. It's a the speedometer VDO guage in my Countach replica. My battery failed one day(or came disconnected) and every since then it has been stuck on 615,345.00 miles and the tripometer is stuck on 0 when I press the button. *I have unpluged the battery but it still is messed up. The guage is analog but the odometer is digital with a single button. Anyone got any ideas? I need to get this fixed. Thanks -Paul

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    Re: VDO Guage :Odometer problem:

    Let me be the first to make a smart ass comment! ;D How many sets of tires for 615K? How many trips around the world would that be? Tanks of gas? Seriously though,,,,,I've never heard of that one before. Sounds like a possible short in the gauge to me. Could you have blown the gauge when the battery freaked?
    I found this on-line for you though.

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