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Thread: Who does chrome and gold plating at a good price?

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    Who does chrome and gold plating at a good price?

    I have a few parts that I am looking into have chrome plated? I am looing for a good price but I want good work done. I was hoping someone here know someone.
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    Re: Who does chrome and gold plating at a good price?

    Have you tried the phone book? Im sure theres something in your town.Try looking under Plating,Chrome Plateing or electro plateing.Ask to see some samples.The end results depends on the origional piece.The origional piece must be clean,if the surface is dull,from say sand blasting the end result will be a chrome or gold piece thats plated but dull looking.If the piece is polished befor plateing the end result will be a high luster shine.There are also electro plateing kits on the internet,but if you want perfection then have it done by a pro.
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