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Thread: Looking for GT40 kit

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    Looking for GT40 kit

    I know their is a lot of manufacturers makeing gt40 kit but I don't know which one has the best quality.

    Can anyone tell me which manufacturers' kit should I get?


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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    i'm no expert but i've heard good things from archie's kit so it might be a good idea to look it up.
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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    Same here....* I've heard good things about it too.* Here's the link

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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    heres a link to a uk kit gt40

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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    I've looked at V8Archie's GT4T and find it to look a little bit different.
    I don't know if he put rims that are too large for the car or if the proportions aren't right
    but it doesn't look accurate to me....

    Some of you guys have a real good eye for those little details, can you point me what's wrong with it???

    Thank you.

    Keep smiling

    LarryG ;D

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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    You could be very correct... I've never seen a real one, so all I have to go by is the toys and pictures I've seen from the past. How long before you think a copy of the 2005 model will be out ;D

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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    are you still looking.i can sell you kit in complete form.all parts or complete built.

    R120 000-$350 000

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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    one of the best gt 40 kits on market is the roaring forties kit

    robert logan is one of the most honest dealers i've met and he has 2 agents in the US

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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    There are many companies that build GT40 kits. The most well known are ERA Replicas, Tornado, and CAV. Recently Superformance and LoneStar have joined the list as well. I'm sure there are plenty of smaller companies out there as well. If it is quality you are looking for than these companies are the way to go. I would favor Superformance because they are now the only components company licensed with the permission of Caroll Shelby to replicate the shapes of vehicles he manufactured in the 60's.
    Here are the links:

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    Re: Looking for GT40 kit

    looks like a very nice site with good looking GT40's

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