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Thread: dont you HATE these people!!

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    dont you HATE these people!!

    Hi guys back again ,listen to this,I was in an auto parts store last night picking up some brakes for my buddy to do a job on his moms van when I came across this exotic car calendar(really great calendar got to post it on the wall but keep it HIGH away from the kids) anyway,my friend knows all about me building my kit.So we are at the counter waiting to purchase the brakes talking kit car chat when the guy behind the counter starts shaking his head.So I ask him:
    ME:What are you shaking your head at?
    HIM:The whole kit car thing.
    ME: What about it?
    HIM:(the classic question)Why would you want a fake lambo?
    ME:first of all YOU of all people would NEVER know the difference when im done.second I dont have 250,000.dollars to spend on the real thing!!!!
    HIM:Most of those guys when they are done spend damn near close to the originals cost!(wrong)
    ME:NO they dont,it will take about 30,000 dollars.(the route im going)big difference.
    HIM:Well how about the paint?(listen to how dumb this sounds)the cost of the exotic paint cost a fortune!!!
    ME:(THINKING IN MY HEAD, WHAT AN IDIOT!talking shi* on something he knows nothing about!)I tell him,if there is a special paint that they use that cost say 10,000. dollars to spray why would I use it?????its a replica?
    HIM:Well what about insurance?????!!!!!
    ME:COVERED!!!!most insurance companies insure them!
    HIM:Well what about inspection and registration?????
    ME:COVERED!!!!you can register it as a fiero if you only do a rebody!!!!not a complete chassis change!and inspection is easy to get by!!!most shops will pass anything!

    After that I just had to walk away thinking "Man I hate those kind of people!!!" *

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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    I know exactly what you mean.... one time I bump into a friend and he was w/ one of his friends ( who I did not know ) my friend tells the other guy- who is into cars- he is building and Lamborighini kit and the other guy says " oh those are really easy to build you just take a Fiero take the body off and mount the kit and you are done " I though that he was a complete idiot for saying a coment like that on something that he is completly ignorant about. I just told him it's a little bit harder than that and ignore him. Some times one just has to ignore what some people say.

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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    I just ask my friend why do they build a Model car or an RC car?

    It's the same pride in ownership you have from building something yourself and putting it on display. Only in this case, I get to display it while driving!!!

    It's a project car. Something to build as a hobby. Not an investment. Not a "society symbol". Not a Collector. Just a fun project that I can enjoy and take pride in.

    Is it WRONG for me to have a hobby? Is is WRONG for me to spend my time building something I want? Do you have a problem with Riding around in a car that nobody else realizes is a replica and even if they do, who cares? Is it still Fun?

    These are the same people that can get offended by continuity errors in a movie while completely missing the point of the film.

    Peeves me off too

    DKOV -

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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    To be honest with you, i think the only way you will ever get these type of people to either shut up or become a follower, is to build your project and than pull up infront of their house and say "You wanna ride?" than they will completely change their whole thought on kit cars. Because i must admit i was one of those people that criticized and laughed at the concept when two of my friends were building 308, 328 replicas, than after realizing that this wasn't BS, i finaly realized what endless possibilities there were in terms of fabrication and immatating $200,000 exotic cars, And i dont give a flying F#%#k what any one says, when you construct a near exact perfect replica of a Diablo, for only $36,000 ???? that is truely an amazing thing that you can get the same attention and possible performance for a fraction of the cost

    Just my 2 cents


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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    I know exacly what you mean. When people find out that I am building the 355 spider they tell me it can not be done. Then I show them the proof and they laugh and say it will never look real. Hell, at first when I had told my bosses some thought it was a fad I was going through (considering since I am single this is were all my money goes). Then when they were invited to see the progress I say a glow of enve and jalousy. Then after that for some odd reason they didn't have money to pay my salary and they then found a way to let me go (thats why it is bosses). Well I have lost many jobs and a few friends because of my passion to build my dream. But I figure this if they don't respect what I do then how could they respect me. Any ways my point is there are the 1 it can't be done people 2 the envious people 3 and thats what it boils to. Oh and the ones who understand us and think it is great that we do what we do. (other builders, wanabe builders and very good friends and partner or spuose)

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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    I felt your pain!
    I found that very few people share in the vision, they see the old Volkswagen kits.
    Anyway, I learned to keep my mouth shut and tell very few people, that way I didn’t have to deal with the crap thrown at me.
    None of my friends thought the car would look the way it turned out. They are all still stunned.
    Heck my own brother and father thought it was STUPID to build, They Now Absolutely Love It! They have apologized and said they never realized that it would look that good.
    The manager of an autozone came out and looked at my car one day, I told him it was just a kit, He said Who Cares, this Car is Awesome!
    I have a storage building that I keep my car in, and the Toms distributor is next door. A guy there that knows my car is a kit got into an big argument with the rest of the guys because they didn’t believe it was a kit.
    And the list goes on….

    Moral of the story,
    You do get the last laugh!!

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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    spyder I have to tell you ,you hit alittle to close to home.That was an autozone I was in the other night!!!But it is an Autozone in PA.And for the rest I loved reading your stories, and again spyder I have to agree that I will have the last laugh because there are many who dont believe in us and our work. HARD WORK!!!!!! I went to an autozone today to show off some of the pictures(to freinds I made) I had from this past summers carlisle show and they couldnt believe how good the cars looked from IFG.,D&G,and other peoples cars.I also have real lambo pics. from an auto show and they couldnt tell the difference!!!!!

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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    Lambo, I hate to say it, but why would you get upset about the oppinion of someone that works at Autozone? I mean, common. You tell them that you need spark plugs for your car, and they ask you what color it is. You say that you need an new oil filter, and they ask what kind of stereo you have in the car... These aren't the brightest people in the world. No offence if you work at Autozone. Not ALL of the employees are morons. There are the select few that are the exceptions that prove the rule...


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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    Well high-g really it wasnt the fact that that person worked at Autozone,It was more the fact that there are people out there like that who say foolish things about subjects they know nothing about.And I have worked at Autozone before when I was younger.Im very knowledgable when it comes to cars.Thats why at the time I took that job BUT retail wasnt for me.But some behind the counter dont really know what they are talking about.

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    Re: dont you HATE these people!!

    Lambo, I'm sorry. I meant not to offend. I, too, worked at Autozone for a brief period of time. I, too, took the job there because I am knowledgable when it comes to cars. After being there for no more than a few hours, it was BLATANTLY apparent that I was the ONLY person there that knew how to do more than put fuel in a vehicle.

    The only Autozone that I go to is in hole-in-the-wall Kerrville, Texas. Needless to say, the employment pool here is greatly limited as the only people that DO know anything about cars go to San Antonio, or Napa. But Napa closes at 5pm, and I never need anything from the auto parts store until 5:01pm.

    Again, I did not mean to offend. I only have my experiences with the people that work at the Autozone here to go by. And 90% of those are not pleasant.


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