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Thread: This is for all..........

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    This is for all..........

    Hi guys this question is off the subject but I had been washing up for work today and the question popped in my head.The question is:

    How old are you???? :

    I was just wondering if I am the youngest one in the kit car game at this time.Its kind of like being young in the stock market,you would get your fortune at a younger age and have more time to enjoy it.(not to offend anyone over my age, we are all in this together and it really doesnt matter anyway its just a question)OH by the way im 26.Hope to have mine done by 31.

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    1 month Re: This is for all..........

    will be 32 in exactly 1 month. If you are looking for any ideas to send me presents..... hmmmmmmmmmm didn't ari say his 355 was for sale? : or better yet...DKOV ummmmm the mirage? ;D
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    Re: This is for all..........

    I just turned 24, and am hoping to get started building my 355 Spyder soon.

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    Re: This is for all..........

    I'm 24 for the next three (3) months. Hopefully, I'll have a nice little Turnkey business up and running by 26.

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    Re: This is for all..........

    Ya, ya. I am 25 and in january 25, 2003 I can no longer consider myself to by in the mid to early 20's. Unfortunatly I will be 26 on that day. Well I guess the good thing to that is I would have worked on my 355 spyder for a little over 1 year and 1/2(meaning it will be done while I am 26 ;D). I went thru hell getting the money and finding the parts > but it has been getting there. Don't be surprised if you get yours done sooner, with the help of the chat you will have now problems finding the parts. Good Luck and keep up with the chat

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    Re: This is for all..........

    21. ;D

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    Re: This is for all..........

    29 here I'll be building/buying a kit as soon as my new buisness gets settled some more (Auto Performance and Accessories)

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    Re: This is for all..........

    I 'think' I'm 48.... already having 'memory lapses'! heheh!

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    Re: This is for all..........

    ;D IM THE YOUNGEST IM 17 YEARS OLD ;D and next year i buy a lamborghini kit car with my dad it would be my first car ;D

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