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    Is there any builders in Vegas?? I will be down there 9-13 and would love to drop in and say hi.

    By the way does anyone know of deals for renting Exotics in Vegas??

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    Re: Vegas...

    There is a place across the street close to the Frontier Hotel and Casino. They have vipers, prowlers, Ferrari 348's a few vetts, BMW's and i believe for the most part that is it. I don't know what the prices are but they are in that general location right on the strip. Also was a place next to the Boardwalk hotel and casino which is close to New York New York Hotel and Casino. Hope this will help. I was in vegas a couple of weeks ago and I remember seeing the Ferrari Rental .


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    Re: Vegas...

    yes theres one next to the NYNY, its around the corner from the MiniMart/liquor store (ironically enough). Mostly 348s, and a coupld 355s. Down the strip there's another place with 348s and 355s but i dont remember exactly where.
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    Re: Vegas...

    $1200 for a full day in a 348 spyder, and worth every penny!!!!

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    Re: Vegas...


    1-2 Day 3-6 Day Weekly Free Extra Age
    Rate Rate Rate Miles Miles
    FERRARI 360 SPIDER $1499 $1099 $7500 100 1.99 25
    FERRARI 360 MODENA $1099 $ 899 $5500 100 1.99 25
    FERRARI F355 SPIDER $ 749 $ 599 $3750 100 0.99 25

    That would be some fun!! ;D ;D

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