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Thread: What I want for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

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    What I want for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

    somebody, PLEASE buy this for me!!!!!!!!!!! I may actully give up my countach for one like this one day... *. LOOK AT THE INTERIOR ON THIS SUCKER!!!! FLAWLESS!

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    Re: What I want for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

    No offence intended but the reason that this car is still for sale after months of trying is because the interior is so far from being authentic. *The steering wheel and column? *The guages, no dash vents. *Other than that it looks pretty good. *Besides the fact that he just bolted the licence plate just anywhere. *
    One more thing, "they did not want side windows??" That is because the side windows are one of the hardest and most expensive parts of building the car.

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    Re: What I want for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

    Very nice car. Unfortunately, you cannot have it for Christmas. I am having it seized, and impounded. If you notice, the person has provided photographic evidence of their complete and total disregard for parking regulations, by parking it in a Handicapped space. He (or she) who cannot read, cannot drive a Lamborghini. I shall have to go get it immediately..

    LOL....J/K ;D :P

    Great car!
    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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    Re: What I want for CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

    Yea, I saw a few other pics of the interior and noticed the shifter set-up.... :-/ that has to go. But the contour and dash size looks real good and I like the way the guages are set up! I don't like the large flat steering column eithor or whatever it is. I hear ya about the windows..... I know they are a pain and that was just an excuse. Other than a few minor details like that....I think the car is incredibly HOT!

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