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Thread: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

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    I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

    Hi, This is my first post here but I have been surfing the forums for awhile now, I have also been looking for a rebody kit for my Fiero. I know all about Pisa's and Archie's. I have been looking for something more along the lines of GT40,308,355 Something a little bit more aexotic and based off of a real car. I'm not trying to make the car to exact specs , I just really want something that looks good after I finish my engine swap. SO if you guys could tell me about all the rebodies that you know of besides the Archie and Pisa ones I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Ryan

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    Re: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

    contact me if your intrested in a 512,look at my website

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    Re: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

    hey mike,
    are you still interested in those TR parts?
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    Re: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

    How much are you willing to spend on the body??

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    Re: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

    Havent you ever herd of the Fino offerd by V8Ahces or something like that (feel free to correct me please!) anyways the best part about that kit is not only is it kit for the stock wheel base of you fiero but its an orginal design at a decent price to. I dont know what type of design your intrested in but it looks decent and up to date.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

    0to60in5, if you like the look of the 512 call Mike D and if you like the 355 call John Watson
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    Re: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

    John Watson is the best ticket for a 355 and Archie is the best choice for the GT40 look a like.

    Archie has a web site, John is old school and uses a phone 706-328-3311. Tell hime Dave Newman gave you the number. He will be happy to guide you through the process.


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    Re: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.


    You can check out my website for more information about the buildup of the Fino. I know you are looking for something different but any Ferrari kit is questionable because of Ferrari shutting everyone down, correct me if things are different now. I have had great response from the public on my Fino rebody. This is the one featured in November Kit Car magazine.

    Any questions you have please ask me.
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    Re: I'm new here and looking for a rebody.

    If you want the classic look of the 308/328, check out Fibersmith. I know they've got a lot of replacement parts and such for Mera-based kits, and I think they offer a whole kit or did. (Otherwise search for Mera's, Mera-based kits, etc. That's what all the 308/328 kits are based on.) BTW, Pisa is your best bet for a 308-style interior package.

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