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Thread: New member just saying hello

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    New member just saying hello

    * I am interested in building another kit car. My first car was a Factory Five Cobra which you can see here I recently purchaced a '86 Feiro from a co-worker that I have given to my wife for Christmas. Of coarse I have a motive for buying the car. ;D I would like to build her a F355 Speedster and am seeking knowlidge from you guys on this subject.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: New member just saying hello

    Well Ace you came to the right place there are members here who have made there Fieros into remarkable 355s. Im thinking of building my mother a replica of her old 308 which she owned back in high school and they were new. Its crazy.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: New member just saying hello


    * * * *Ok well the frist thing you are going to need to think about is who are you going to buy your kit from. In most people opinion including mine John Watson at Air Dynamics make the best 355 kit hands down. And then you need to think about how long you are going to want to put into this build. If you go with an AD 355 Coupe with the factory windshild, stock wheelbase, standard doors, you could finish you car and be driving it in about a month or two worth of weekends. If you decide you really want a spider that going to take alot longer, but if its what you really want then go for it. If I were you i would look around on this forum at different 355's and see what you really like. Another good idea is to call John at AD and talk it over with him he's a really nice guy and you will find he knows all the answers! Take Care and Good Luck!!

    John at AD # 1(706)328-3311

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    Re: New member just saying hello

    * Thanks guys, I had been looking around here for a couple of days and noticed that there has been positive talk about Air Dynamics f355 kit, it really is sounding like a winner. I will be contacting john for sure - I was hoping to find a popular dealer for the F355 with a bunch of build info on here about them. It's a little scarry buying kit cars other than cobras to me. Factory Five has a Forum totally dedicated to there car which really helped me out during my build. Reading on this forum I have also found a guy selling a kit on ebay named Mike Parker, I have emailed him since he isn't too far of drive from me. He is located in Seattle and I asked if I could* take a look at a completed kit if he had one available to see and one of his kits packages as well. I am not going to be ready to buy for several months and I apprieciate all your help.

    * Cheers
    * Allen

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    Re: New member just saying hello

    If your doing a F355 i would go with Air Dynamics. I have one and if you have questions about the build you can always call John or ask on this forum. There is alot of info on building f355's scattered throughout this website. Austin

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    Re: New member just saying hello

    thats what im thinking about buying as well. those things are hot! please post pics if you start it soon . cant wait to start the project.....hopefully soon .

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    Re: New member just saying hello

    Thanks again for the input guys, I have been searching around a bit more on the Tech section and found some good information about the Air Dynamics kit. It looks like John gives you many choices as to what you can get yourself involved in on these builds. Such as cutting the Fiero doors to the correct height to the streched frame. Anyway when I decide on the kit I want I will document the build and post pictures along the way.


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    Re: New member just saying hello

    Welcome Aboard Ace!

    I have built two 355 kits and John Watson makes the best one. If you have experience and want to tackle the OEM wheelbase kit, then do so. If I had it to do over again, I would obtain a normal 355 Air Dynamics kit and drive the car. I have been building mine for over two years. Just a few loose ends then I am on the road. If we can help your build process, please contact us. There are 14 of us on this site building the AD kit. John is trustworthy and we all feel comfortable working with him.


    Dave Newman
    Tampa, Florida
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    Re: New member just saying hello

    Thanks Dave - I really appreciate that very much. I have a busy week ahead of me, but I most certainly will contact Mr. Watson next week some time. Its good to here that there are several of you building his kits and speaking highly of him.

    Thanks again

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    Re: New member just saying hello

    Can someone please send me Air dynamics web site as I cant seem to find it in the search engine. I am looking at buying an 86 Fiero GT and wish to do a 355 kit on it. Alot of the sites I have looked at look a bit dodgy and there is no one here in Australia that I know of who does these kits. Then again the Fiero is pretty rare here aswell....
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