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Thread: What do you think about this? Countach offer

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    What do you think about this? Countach offer

    I found this add where someone from the Netherlands (that's where I live too) offered his Countach project:

    Lamborghini -Countach Kitcar project
    based on vw bug for sale.
    With ford XR3i engine (I guess this is an 1800 16v 4 cilinder..100 - 140 hp)
    Color red
    Incl . orig. Lambo wing !!!
    Incl nice bug chasis with homokeneet(?!)
    your wheels are always straight
    Double telescopic spring in
    the scissor door.
    Incl oldtimer kenteken, dus geen
    belastig meer. *(<-- this means it's based on an old car so I don't have to pay any taxes)
    Has to be finished to your own taste
    and budget of course.
    Price is 3900 euro's (say a little over 3500 dollars I guess)

    He also included this picture with the add:

    I mailed him the minute I saw the add, and he replied very fast...I got a new mail the next morning. I mailed him again and I got a new reply withing 30 minutes..

    He said the pic is the car he offered in the ad. I still have to buy the following stuff when I decide to take the offer:
    - *Interior
    - *All Glass parts
    - *Lights
    - *ALL electronic cables
    - *Wheels + tires (right now it has VW bug wheels)
    - *Emblems and stuff
    The body is made for a VW bug so it has a 2400 mm wheelbase.

    The car has the engine and body installed, it only needs the wiring done to run (NO wires at all *:-[)

    He promised to send me some more pics of the car.

    What do you think about this?
    Does anyone recognize the body/kit?
    Can anyone tell me how much it is gonna cost me to finish?
    ANY hints/advice are welcome!!

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    Re: What do you think about this? Countach offer

    I was gonna say..... If you don't know who makes the body, how can you find windows? I like the Sunroof idea, though not origional it would be alot of fun. The wing may be origional but it is alot lower than the roof. It should be higher up and streamline with the roof. Looks kinda funny where it's at now. The air intake vents on the sides are made a little different. They should be straight angles but it looks like they are angled a little differently. Deffinately a project and would take alot of your own engineering it seems. Personally, I would keep looking but that's just me.

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    Re: What do you think about this? Countach offer

    My opinion is that deal sounds alittle to good to be true,3500.??it would be nice but I have to agree with frog Id keep lookin.also there arent many kit companys that deal with vws so were are you going to get info from??what about help with probs.?? what about parts?hummmmmm It sounds to risky.Maybe thats why its for sale you know??well thats just my 2 cents.(you get what you pay for)

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