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Thread: Possible new idea for 355 headlites

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    Possible new idea for 355 headlites

    HI all,

    I am uncertain as to what language this site is in, but if anyone can help that would be awesome..... The site shows a pic of a 355 kit with authentic style headlights....I don't think they are oem cuz they look a little too tall, but I may be wrong....The site:
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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites

    Looks like the language is Portuguese? (sp?). Link is in Brazil anyway. I think they speak Portuguese there. Someone can correct me.

    The lights look an awful lot like the set that Dave Newman had in Funnywheels I. They are Corsica lights set into Mitsubishi mechanisms.
    Dave had responded in a thread a while back with how he did these lights if they are the same.

    Hope that helps.

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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites


    This web site is interesting. Looks like the language is Portuguese to me as well. It also appears to be a site selling replicas, but I could be wrong and it might be just making a comparison of the OEM and* various replicas.

    The top car is owned by a guy in Oregon and was built by Voui.* It uses Corvette headlights and is a Mirage kit.*

    The yellow primer car is a photo I took in John Watson’s shop.* That is John looking into the car. I have several other shots from the same day I took the one mentioned.

    The comparison of the OEM and Replica doors is also interesting.* The replica is Mike Vetter’s car from Daytona a few years back.*

    The blue spider is a guy in Georgia with a body from Paul's Exotics in Ft. Lauderdale.*

    Just my .02 worth.* I would be happy to discuss some of the cars if needed.* If this guy selling replicas, I would hope he would use his own cars, if he is comparing them that is another story. I wonder what it really says?

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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites

    I like the little SF shield in the watson "B"* pillar.* Makes it look like the "B" pillar is supposed to be like that.* ;D Any info about the shield (size, availability)??

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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites

    The best lights for your 355 i would have to say is to buy the orginal lights.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites<br />Toyota MR2 Turbo with BAD kit and Real Ferrari F355 wheels.

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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites

    The translation is interesting. It looks like a comparison of the 355 Ferrari with regard to replica cars.

    The badge on the B post of the Watson kit is a little sticker from Ferrari that sells for about $7 each.


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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites

    Hey, sorry to dig up the old post but I haven't posted here for a couple of years, and now back I came across it.

    This is my old site, yes it is in portuguese, there are a lot of replica builders out in Brazil and I wanted to provide the enthusiasts over there some information on the Fiero-based and other replicas. Over there they build very nice Porsche replicas including the air cooled 911s (similar to the UK Covins), as well as spyders, 356, cobras, thunderbirds, hots, etc, so my plans for the site were to have an english version with articles about those replicas as well so the english speaking croud could get to know them. I stopped updating the site after making articles in portuguese for the brazilian Porsche 911 and Hot Rods, the american 355 and an article about the Fiero in general that is a car they don't have over there.

    I don't sell any replicas, on the main page I explain that the site was made to provide information only, it has links to different companies and also a kit car classified ad section and guestbook, which have stopped working a while back. Through the site I got to be in contact with some good manufacturers from over there, and since I moved to Canada a couple of years ago I've been thinking about importing two or three 911 kits to assemble over here. If I did that sometime in the next few years then the site could be updated and I could start to sell a few kit cars through it, but then I would take out all the various pictures of different kits that other people or companies have built.

    If you have any questions about the site, want info on brazilian replicas in general, or would like me to remove a picture posted on it, let me know because I am on the forum often again! Cheers, Alain
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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites

    tell us more about those 911 kits...

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    Re: Possible new idea for 355 headlites

    they use VW donors to build 911 replicas over there, while retaining the cheap and readily available VW engine since VW Brazil did make bugs for quite a while if they dont still do it (Mexico is well known for continuing to build bugs until 2003 or something like that, but not the only place to build them).
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