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    front clips

    What do you folks think about the trend to replace front clips with that of something more expensive?

    Navi front clip on a 6 year old Expedition?


    2002 Escalade fron clip on a 6 year old Yukon

    I have even seen a mercedes clip on an expidition although I do not think that kit is massproduced yet.

    I am wondering if I am looking at doing something to a six year old suv, and wonder if it would it not be cheaper to just buy a used luxury suv. I do understand about the insurance difference already.

    I am thinking about an alternate work car as my Miata Z3 is too small.

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    Re:  front clips

    e-mail me the make model and year and I'll send you some ideas on what you can do to your SUV

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    Re:  front clips

    Here's the front clip of my SUV...

    As you can see... it's been slightly modified with a custom Rally applicae' and two tone... uh... "paint"

    Here's the original, before the "custom" work...

    Come to think of it... I like it just the way it is... Supercharger and all

    DKOV -

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    Re:  front clips

    I was thinking....

    Ford Excursion with a Peterbilt front clip!!! LOL...I think they are pretty close to the same size......


    LOL!!! J/K/....Just wanted to give you guys a laugh!


    87 3.1Turbo GT Spyder

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