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Thread: MR2 to 355

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    MR2 to 355

    For some time now I have been looking into either a diablo replica or a 355 one. I got side tracked for some time and stopped my research and just starting back into it again. I came across the MR2 to 355 kit that doesnt look to bad at all, at least from the pics I have seen, but I havent been able to come across any to see in person. These have peeked my interest as I was mostly only ever looking at fiero rebodies in the past...

    It looks like powerhouse is or will be carrying the kits but I am not sure, just sent off an email tonight. Are there any other manufacuters or resellers in either Canada or the US? I am orginially a BC boy but live in Texas now so really where ever a good can be located is fine with me.

    Any help would be great
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    Re: MR2 to 355


    If you mean the EXTREME kit that is actually made in the uk then I agree it looks amazing.
    I have the full kit sat next to me as i type, just waiting to be fitted to my U.K spec T-bar mr2.
    I was actually very impressed by the quality & finish of the panels as supplied from Mirror finish in the U.K.

    I dont want to step on anyones toes, but Mirror finish do ship all over the world direct. I have all their details if you are interested?

    I just want to add that i have no connection with them apart from being pleased with the service & help they provided when i bought my kit.

    They allowed me to look round their unit & let me have full access to one of their cars being built. They had example panels & a build video for me to look at. I spent several hours chatting & asking questions & they were very helpful.

    The panels arrived ready sanded with almost all openings ready trimmed & all panels primed. I cannot comment on how hard they are to fit yet but everything seems to be accurate & all panels have decent returns & double skinning etc.

    If you have any questions let me know.

    Now all i have to do is finish my Fiero/308 refurb that is in the garage at the moment!!

    I really should finish one project before starting another!

    308 GTB Fiero - Complete<br />355 Extreme MR2 - 1st Primer coat on<br />406 Coupe - Daily driver, soon to be Extreme 360<br />(Disclaimer - Any timescales mentioned in the above message are totally guessed &amp; will be subject to &#39;man maths&#39; excuses for why it wasnt finshed on time)

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    Re: MR2 to 355

    Thanks Drew,

    Ah 2 projects means twice the fun! jump in!

    Yeah it is the EXTREME kit that I was reffering to, sorry about that. I took a look at the Mirror Finish site as well. Did you make a trip there to check out the kit?

    Are you located in the US or Canada? You mentioned that it was a UK spec car that you have for the rebody, I assume that any 90-95 MR2 made to North American specs will work too? Not sure what differences are so any input would be helpful.

    I would say I am a year off doing a build right now, I have to purchase the donor first and before I can do that I have to decide on the kit I would like, that and we will be moving into a new house where I need a bigger shop to complete a rebuild. Right now my shop is filled with machine shop tools and no room for the cars...the wife loves that btw

    I have come across some build sites where they use a ton of bondo to rework the lines on their cars, what kind of fit up are you expecting with yours? Obviously you havent started but you probably have some idea of what kind of rework and gap filling will need to be done.

    Are you also doing the interior with the new kit as well?

    Will you be putting up a website during your build?

    lol...sorry for all the questions, but thanks for your time

    355 Build progress&gt;&gt;&gt;&gt;<br />

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