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Thread: saw a cobra today

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    saw a cobra today

    what do you guys think about cobra reps? good or bad for a build? what price do you think for a copleted one?

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    Re: saw a cobra today

    easiest of kits, cheapest to build if based on a mustang. $15k could be probable for costs
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    Re: saw a cobra today

    Well you dont have to use a Mustang engine you can use some of the crate engine they would normaly sell with the kit. They are the best bang for the buck deal you are going to get. I have seen some of these cars built to out perform most real supercars.
    So whats wrong with a replica?

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    Re: saw a cobra today

    Here is a picture of mine I walk past every day. It's a Factory Five that I built in 2 1/2 year without a donor car. I put an 96* independent T-Bird 8.8 posi rear diff and four wheel Disc brakes in her. And a Ford Racing 351/385 HP Bracket Race motor backed by a 5 spd. Tremmic with true pin drive knock off wheels. The car was almost as much fun to build as to drive. Now I am going to buid a F355* for my wife out of a Feiro I purchased from a friend. From what I am seeing about the F355 kits though is a whole lot more technical work is required and it may actually be more exspensive to build as well. Rats!!* Oops sorry to rattle on - I like talking about these cars though.


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    Re: saw a cobra today

    Very nice Cobra they are timeless cars and in my opinion one of the easiest to build. If you go with a 355, AD is the kit to get I know you hear a lot about this kit and there are others but I have one and to me the most valuable part about the AD kit is John, He will help anytime you call and is always there for you. The problem that I have found about 355 or other kits is the donor. We have to start with a car that well lets just say has some issues. I built a lot of hot rods before I lost my mind and none frustrated me as this car did. They can be fun if you don't try to make an exact replica and use common parts. Good luck

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    Re: saw a cobra today

    If you ever want a complete cobra a Factory Five complete and built by a professional can be had for25k to 35k.

    Thanks for the complement on my car.The AD kit is certainly of interest to me, in fact I am buying a brand new 94-95 3.4X DOHC crate engine for my Feiro project. The F355 kit will have to come after I sell my truck.


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