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Thread: Any Pics of Completed/Road-Going AD 355s?

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    Any Pics of Completed/Road-Going AD 355s?

    Greetings everyone,

    Hi! I'm new to this forum but I've actually been a Kit Car fan for a couple of years now. About 2 years ago, I planned on building an F355 replica but the project got side tracked. Anyway, I'm very much interested in JW's AD355 and I've been monitoring the progress on several current builds, particularly those of FunnyWheels and F355Spider.

    I've not seen pictures of any finished AD355s though. I did a search and found several completed 355s but none of them was an AD355 (not sure because some of the old posts don't show pictures anymore).

    Has anyone here completed an AD355, either a Coupe or a Spider? Any photos? I know there's a consensus here that John's kit is the best in quality and probably the most authentic looking. I'm just curious as to how a finished AD355 looks when compared to a real 355 or to other 355 kits.

    Thanks in advance.

    Cheers - Sonny

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    Re: Any Pics of Completed/Road-Going AD 355s?

    I'm driving mine but I made some modifications so I do not know if it would be what you are looking for. I think Dave's will be the poster child for AD as far as most correct and as far as being on the road. There could be others that I do not know about that are finished; I would like to see them also? I had someone nock on my door the other night asking to see my Ferrari that my neighbor told them about and they thought it was real and this car has Mr. Mike's seats with the red Fiero emblem in it and stock interior. I do need to say pictures do not do them justice when my car is out on the street I double take a look at it and it is mine. Also the more completed the car is the more you want to look at it.

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    Re: Any Pics of Completed/Road-Going AD 355s?

    I really thought there would be several completed AD355s among the members by now but as recently mentioned in another thread, there is that tendency to get carried away with little changes here and there - and I guess that tremendously adds up to the completion time.

    Anyway, I did find a few pics - I think these were taken by Dave (FunnyWheels).

    Dave, behind your Red Mirage (Funnywheels 1?), there is a black F355 and it seems to be an AD355 (See photo below) - or is that a B&B? Whose car is it? Do you have any more photos of the car?

    I can't see the whole car but I think it looks good and seems to be well built? It would be nice if you could post some more photos or send them to me by email.

    Tnx - Sonny

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