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Thread: D&R kits and other questions...

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    D&R kits and other questions...

    Just wondering what the word was on D & R kits? Has anyone had experience with them?

    When I start my build, I was thinking of going with them since they are located in PA. Not that far from where I am in NY (Albany).

    Im looking at the Python 30th anniversary kit. Here..

    Also, im told that lambo kits are the hardest to build and not recommended for a new builder. This has me worried since this would be my first kit.

    Any recommendations ?

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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    Consider the looks of the Artero from similar look but a much easier build. Esp. for the novice builder.
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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    lot of people thinks that kit car build is like, you are going to the hobby shop and buy a little toy, glue it and it's done. some of the Lambo or Ferrari kits are not realy kits.there is some challenge that even experienced body/mechanic man will stop and now what ??? I would say for first timer who likes exotic car buy it turnkey! may cost a bit more but...

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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    Honestly the Lambo is the only one that I really like. Im not into any of those other kits. I sick of seeing Cobras to be honest.

    I realize this isn't an easy kit. I know there is alot of fabrications needed. But Im fairly handy in the shop and love building things.

    I think the fun is building it yourself rather than buying a Turnkey.

    Anyone ever studied what the odds are for people finishing their kits?

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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    About the odds, I think I read some where that only about 50% of the kit cars sold are completed by the one who originally bought the kit.

    "I think the fun is building it yourself rather than buying a Turnkey. " I have to admit that it's very rewarding when you start a project and seeing your end result but after 2 to 3 yrs it's not fun anymore and you get to the point that you just want to have it done, but when you are a perfectionist -like me- it still takes a long time.

    "I realize this isn't an easy kit"
    It is not that is not easy, it is a HARD kit but if you have the determination, time , money and patience I would say go for it but only once you start building one would you realize just how involve and time consuming it can be. I am NOT trying to discourage you I am only trying to help you see what you will be getting yourself into.

    If someone would have "played a video tape" of what I have been throug re-building mine I WOULD NOT have bough mine, since I have done everything myself I have sacrifice a lot of time and money.
    just trying to help out

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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    In terms of quality of products and accessories, i think D&R is probably one of the best kits on the market, also do a search on this forum because there is a lot of information as well as facts about D&R and also talk to Shaddoe on this forum he is the owner of www.exoticglass1 and he can help you out if you are interested in a kit also. Diablos are generaly harder to build than countach's, the main problem i see from my perspective in the building of the diablo kit is the interior, because im not very experienced in electronics and upholestary the interior is a pain in the a$$ for me. Over all D&R is a very good company and offers solid reliable products.

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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    The D&R kit is a really nice kit. I don't think that building one of these easy kits before trying one of these will really help you because there are no kits that are like building one of these. The cars take a lot of time and money along with lots of fabricating. If you are going to try to build it yourself plan on taking a few years up front and don't fool yourself into thinking that you can build it faster. Thinking that you will build it faster will set yourself up for a big let down and this is why there are soo many unfinished kits out there. I am on my seventh lambo kit and it takes us around 6 months for a V8 model, this is full time with two workers and its something that we've done many times already so you can figure that there is a lot of work involved. If it is really something you want to do try to set a schedule and a money plan because you can start with your chassis and then your kit, after that you'll need your rims and tires, drivetrain, electrical and interior. Planning it this way will make it not as costly upfront. Plan you budget with your build schedule so you buy what you need at each stage of the build. Hope this helps

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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    Diablos are generaly harder to build than countach's
    I built a D&R 25th Anniv Countach several years ago. According to Rick himself (owner of D&R), the Diablo is easier to build than the Countach. I've visited his shop several times to just see what's going on, and I'd have to say that the Diablo doesn't look any more difficult. The only part that looks more challenging is the upholstry. D&R has also refined the Countach kits to make them easier to build than any Countach kit has ever been.

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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    HEY Thunderwulf Im with you!!!I think Im very handy I love building things and have enough knowledge(I feel )to get the job done!I also agree with you on NOT buying a turnkey ,the fun and glory is in the pudding you whipped yourself.I say follow your heart!I only want to build ONE kit and thats a diablo!I personally dont want to build another kit for practice and then build a diablo,that could get expensive you know??Im not knocking these guys for there helpful opinions but IM following my heart.My cost for my car is already cut compared to other builders out there.I got my car for free(lucky me)everything works on it,its stick the way I wanted it.the only bad part about it is it wont move.(something up with the clutch)and its an 84.I here the earlier the fiero the harder the build.(but im not worried)also I am guessing you are going to pick up your kit yourself like me,and that will save us money there too.Im going with d&r myself(I live in Philadelphia but im moving to New Jersey.)sorry for the long chat but I just had to express myself on this one.good luck!!Oh and yes I have heard alot of good things about them!

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    Re: D&R kits and other questions...

    Well all I know is that my Fiance wouldn't allow me to build 2 cars. Had to sweet talk her in to this one as it is.

    First things first for me though. I decided to build a new workshop/garage to do everything. Since I live in NY, the weather isn't to hospitible to building until spring. But im not really in a hurry.

    I plan on building almost from scratch. New engine, brakes, suspension, etc.. I estimate it will take maybe 5 years. Nice long term project though.

    Hopefully I can find a fiero for sale. Been looking for a while with no luck. Most Fiero's seem to be in Texas, Cali or Florida.

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