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Thread: Fiero Odometer Spool

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    Fiero Odometer Spool

    ;D Someone please roll a Fiero odometer spool back to o miles for me. I tried one, but I do not have the patience. I want to install the new spool with o miles so I will have true mileage showing with the new 350 engine. I can install this at the same time I modify the tach. It's worth $20.00 to me.


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    Re: Fiero Odometer Spool

    Couldn't you just pull a "Ferris Beuler"? Just don't rest your foot on the bumper,,,,,I think that turns out bad. ;D

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    Re: Fiero Odometer Spool

    I really hate to be a party pooper, but asking someone to do this for you is a phelony not to mention offering to pay someone to do it.

    if you really want to do it. Just take the odometer apart take the numbers off one by one and put them back on. Piece of cake. But please don't ask someone to do it for you. You might not like where it lands you.

    instructions for informational purposes only. LOL

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