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Thread: has anybody ever heard of this company?

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    has anybody ever heard of this company?

    I found a kit car company that has some pretty good looking kits. I sent them an email because i was interested in buying their diablo roadster kit. they never responded. does anybody have any info on this company? here is the URL...

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    Re: has anybody ever heard of this company?

    Just a rule of thumb - not the best idea to buy anything from a company on the web that doesn't respond to emails

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    Re: has anybody ever heard of this company?

    good rule. plus i doubt that they can really build me a diablo roadster for liss than 18k

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    Re: has anybody ever heard of this company?

    This is going to be a long one, so be ready...

    I saw this thread, and took a look at this guys site. After reading through it, and reading what you guys had to say, i decided to e-mail him as well. First it the mail that I sent him:

    Major Mathis wrote:

    Dead Sir;

    I'm curious about your Roadster Turnkeys. I've been looking into purchasing a kit, and building a Diablo replica for the past few months. To be honnest, your pricing is QUITE a bit lower than anyone elses that I've found, thus far. From what I can figure, you are about $30K cheaper for Turnkeys than anyone else I've found thus far.

    How is it that you are so much cheaper? Even the people that
    I've spoken with that have built their own have put between
    $30,000.00 and $40,000.00 in their cars, and some have even put $85K in them! In speaking with snother Turnkey builder, he told me that not only was his basic Diablo Turnkey $60K, but it would take, roughly, six (6) months to build from the time he started it. If you can truely build a quality replica, I am very intrested. Please let me know.


    Major Mathis

    Here's what he had to say (I got this reply less than 6 hours after sending my questions to him). :-/ :

    Hello Major Mathis,

    Thank you for visiting my site for Body Kits & Replicas.

    The main reason why i can build replicas starting around $17k is because I subcontract out the work that is done on the car. I also have a flat rate that i charge for putting together the package. Many people spend thousands more for some simple reasons...engine upgrades..many pepole will upgrade their stock Fiero supplied engine. Some installing V8 setups which can cost up to $10k. Some installing V12 applications. Others go with a simple V6 upgrade such as a 3.8l supercharged unit or 4.1l GM engine upgrade...even those cost
    around $5k to setup. I don't do engine upgrades because i have not found a reputable company in my area to subcontract this type of job to. I am not licenced as an auto rapair shop so i can't perform this type of work for my clients.

    No knowlege...Many people spend lots of money because they don't know exactly what is involved in the building of their replica. With this lack of knowledge they often have their local shops perform the work ending up with either poor quality overpriced work...or good to great work...still overpriced. I have taken the time over years i've been doing replicars to find not only quality shops..but reasonably priced.
    I've built cars and replicas and I personally know what needs to be I don't even go near shops that try to rip me off for a service.

    Extras....many people spend thousands on extras for their replica. Items like real OEM lighting, interior accesories, emblems logos, etc. I once had a customer complete his f355 replica using my services..then decided to spend an extra $1200 for real Ferrari Tail lights plus installation. Because he though of it after the car was finished...he then spent nother $1500 for repainting the car. It is recommended that external extras be included with the basic package build so that you won't waste money and time later upgrading items like lighting, and detail trim. Also most of my clients will opt to purchase replica rims. On my site online brochure replica wheels for the Roadster which is pictured on the Black Roadster costs an extra $2900.

    What I do is subcontract the vehicle out to local shops that i've done buisness with in the past who have provided me with quality service with a quick turnaround time. I don't charge extra fees on top of what these shops charge me because if you were in the Los Angeles area...I could easily give you the names and address of the shops i refer my work to and you can get it done yourself and pay the same cost.

    Here is how it breaks down.

    I order the kit package to be made fresh from the mold. This means that I/you won't have a package that has been damaged in storage at some shop. It takes about one week for the package to be made so at the same time I strip the donor Fiero prepairing it for the required body modifications. It ususally takes me one day to strip a car down. I send the car to a body/frame shop that has done over 40 of my customers
    stretches and body modifications. Some were from my direct
    referral...others were from customers who use his service to build their cars. The body/frame shop ususally takes about 2 days to perform the required modifications.

    Then I recieve the car back ready for the body kit package to be installed. Once the fiberglass package is ready I have the
    manufacturer install the subframe in the fiberglass shell. this saves me time and prepairs the package even furthur for installation.

    Once i recieve the package, I install it on the modified Donor Fiero. aligning all the gaps. performing all the body work to install lights, glass work, grils, hanging the doors etc.

    Once my work is complete for installation. I final primer the car for the paint shop. I send the car to a local paint/ body shop who works on Corvetts, Miatas, and Vipers. This guys work is quality and he gives me a 1yr warranty on his paint job. I pass along this warranty to my customers. In the past I have discovered that Pearl colors and Two Tone paint jobs are ususally a hassle because the paint job always seemed
    to turn out not quite what my clients expected...and with this I have had to have cars repainted at my expense. I no longer offer Pearl or Two Tone paint jobs because of this possible cost on my end.

    While the paint work is drying. I send the car to the Upholstry shop. It normally takes this guy about 1-2 days to completely install the interior upholstry. including covering the dash setup with leather along with the center console and seats. Re carpeting the floors and firewall. and installing new headliner material. This guy does not have an actual buisness but he has performed the most satisfactory work i've ever seen in his work. I have had over 20 cars upholstered by him as well as referred many customers to his services.

    Basically that is all that needs to be done. after the upholstry is complete we install the windshield, take the car back to the paint shop for color sanding, polishing, and detailing.

    We install the rims and it's done.

    I don't install any OEM logos, emblems, or decals for obvious legal reasons. This is ususally something that you can have done once you recieve the car in your posession. I sell custom build replicas not Original Equipment Manufactured cars such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW etc and for this reason it would seem fraudulant to put any manufactureres logos or emblems on a car that is completed by my company or referal contractors.

    THat's in in a nutshell. I do apologise for taking so much reading space..but i tried to simplify what the process is for your. You are welcome to call me if you don't understand anything or would like more information.


    It would be nice if this guy was for real, but I'm undecided, right now. He not only says that he can build the Raodster for around $20K, (with the wheels included) but he says that he can have it done in 5-6 weeks. Sounds too good to be true, and I've learned that 99% of the time, if it sounds that way, then it IS too good to be true. :-/

    Anyway, there it is.


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