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Thread: I've caved - Testing the markets for my kit!

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    I've caved - Testing the markets for my kit!

    I'm testing the market for my car! *:'( As I've told some of you already my parents want it out of the garage, as snow is coming soon. Another issue is that although I have a place in London to work on the car I'm finding University now actually does consumes the majority of my free time. I have yet to even have it towed to London due to my mid-terms!.

    Anyways, it's posted on ->

    I'm going to try Ebay too.. Someone on is selling a 355 kit with a helluva lot less done to it than mine (No interior, for example) for $16,000, so I'm hoping that my price is reasonable ($13,500).

    All you guys know the time and effort I've put into this :P

    If you know anyone that's interested, please point them in the right direction.


    P.S. -> This does not mean I'm giving up - If I can't find a buyer at the price I'll just hold it till Janurary when I'll have the free time once again to get it finished off. There's a company here in London that has expressed interest in helping me finish it

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    Re: I've caved - Testing the markets for my kit!

    It's a sad day on the forum

    DKOV -

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