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Thread: Great Looking Cars

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    Great Looking Cars

    1 question, 1 comment.
    1 - why doesn't anybody ever talk about Bugatti Kits, Can't find any reference on the web.
    2 - check out the cars on this web site (Make You Drool).LOL
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    Re: Great Looking Cars

    I love the Bugatti EB110. I think someone did make a replica years ago. Must not have been to popular since you never hear about them.
    I also like a lot of the other cars. Like the Vector's in particular. Also the Pagani Zonda (not on that site). I have been kind of thinking of reshaping my Laser 917 to look more like the Zonda. The shape is similar but th Zonda looks much more modern. That sounds like one of those projects I would never finish though.
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    Re: Great Looking Cars

    My bad, there is a pic of the Zonda under "EXOTIC SPORTS CARS - III". There is a lot more info and pics at
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    Re: Great Looking Cars

    Those cars are sweet. I was at barnes & noble and I was looking in kit car magazine for this month and had seen a mclaren f1 replica and also an f50 ferrari. You might want to check that out you might get lucky and find a resource.

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