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Thread: Fiberglass profesion help

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    Fiberglass profesion help

    Hey all

    I am really beggining to get very much more interested in the whole kit car Fiberglass industry, and just a very broad genereal topic interest question, I want to begin in the future (5-10 years) an all out Racing Shop and performance shop here in toronto called: Racing Trends hence my name ;D

    Im down with preatty much everything such as body restorations, classic car accesories because i already have a few friends that are in the production team of Hemmings Motor news which strictly deal with Classics, Various types of performance from 4 Banger honda ricers, to full out LeMans Racing V8, V10, and soon a V12 performance add ons and performance tweeks. This will just be the begining for the shop, i have already been meeting with tons of Modern Interior designers for the layout of my shop, have any of you seen The Fast and The Furious? Harrys shop? some thing like that but not just Japanese imports products. Fairly recently within 2 years, a couple of my friends have bought Lambo and 308 kits and naturally i became a Kit car freak. However im still a Newb, that is why im asking for your guidence, where can i learn fiberglass molding? like i mean how to make molds, and how to..... Preaty much, eventualy i want to learn how to make my own body kits for cars, as well as developing fiberglass molds for the fiero but i want to do like my own concept design like a possible McLearen F1 rebody? or a bugatti? or even a DeTomaso kit? any who im babling again, So my question again is where or how can i learn about fiberglass molds fabrication?

    I really appreaciate your help


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    Re: Fiberglass profesion help

    Try here, It's got a lot of good tutorials.

    Hope it helps,
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    Re: Fiberglass profesion help

    I know paulino7777 had some good luck with a few videos. You might want to PM him and maybe he'll sell you the one's he's already watched.

    Otherwise fiberglast is a good site. I also like:

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    Re: Fiberglass profesion help

    Well I just sold 10 fiberglass videos on ebay. If you want to borrow my personal copy PM me.

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