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Thread: Anyone from Florida?

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    Anyone from Florida?

    Is there anybody from Florida? I am going to come to Florida on 7.11.2002. I would like to meet some peoples who are dealing with fiero based kitcars and maybe see some fine kitcars, because here in Finland I am not able to see kitcars. We have only 9 fieros registred in whole country!!! Thatswhy I am interested in building some fiero based replica.

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    Re: Anyone from Florida?

    Stop by and see Mike Vetter the owner of the car factory:
    Cocoa FL, Phone: 321-504-3304 or 321-431-8120 *
    It is only 45 minuets from Orlando. *
    BTW I bought my kit from him.

    This is Mike and his wife on the cover.

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