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Thread: Insanely detailed Ferrari model

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    Insanely detailed Ferrari model

    This guy created a WORKING scale model Ferrari. When I say created, I mean he made all the parts and designed everything himself (including the molds for the parts). Talk about lifetime project.

    EDIT: This took him 15 years. You'd that he would want to build a full size replica with that amount of commitment.

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    Re: Insanely detailed Ferrari model

    ???UNBELIEVABLE!! Makes my interior project look like childs play. I wonder if after 6 years he was getting tired of it? He didn't sound like he thought it was that big of a deal. I didn't catch what scale it was but the engine sound was great.

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    Re: Insanely detailed Ferrari model


    That was awesome. I wonder why Ferrari didn't shut him down? :
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