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Thread: cutting 1/2 glass for 355

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    cutting 1/2 glass for 355

    here is a picture of my fiero kit,it's made by the fiero factory uk..i want to know how to cut the metal piece where the quarter glass should go,what is the best way to re-enforce the area?

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    Re: cutting 1/2 glass for 355

    You're talking about the "B" Pillar.

    That pillar should have been cut BEFORE you installed the body.

    The way to do it is to make two horizontal cuts from REAR to Front... One inline with the top of the firewall and the other inline with the top of the door opening. NOT ALL THE WAY THROUGH THOUGH!!!

    You'll need to stop short of going all the way through. How far you should cut and how much you leave is determined by the size of the "B" Pillar of the body kit you are using. If the "B" Pillar of the 355 kit is to be 2.5 inches, then cut into the Fiero's "B" Pillar until you have 2.5 inches left to go.

    Next, measure the THICKNESS of the Fiero's "B" Pillar. You will go that far BACK along the cut you just made, measuring from front to rear along the cut. Make a VERTICLE cut at this point connecting the upper and lower horizontal cut.

    Fold the two "wings" you will have left over inward. Inside wing first, then outside wind. Weld then where they overlap.

    NOW you have a BOXED STEEL "B" Pillar the right width as to hide completely behind the Fiberglass Kit "B" Pillar and a great mounting surface for the quarter glass.

    After you have the new "boxed B Pillar" built, you will need to weld in a suppor ton each side that extends from the ouside corner of the new "overhang" roof end to the top of the rear shock tower. 1 or 1.5 inche square steel tubing will work just fine. This will be covered by the "C" Pillar of the kit.

    I have pics here someplace... I'll post them as soon as I find them

    Best of luck and I hope that helps!!!

    DKOV -

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    Re: cutting 1/2 glass for 355

    i'll try and explain a bit better..the kits in the uk don't cut or stretch anything so normally where the "b" pillar is ,you use a quarter glass that has blacked out piece to hide the metal "b" makes the quarter glass look very short so i want to cut this out.i should of done this before when i was putting the kit on! the problem was because the company had warnings from ferrari so they stopped production and stopped making quarter glass with the blacked out bit here is a picture if you can see it about the rear 1/2 glass so i want to put in real or clear plexi glass in there but i don't want to disturb the rear glass also

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