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Thread: How do you insure a kit car?

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    How do you insure a kit car?

    How are these 80s fieros with over 100K miles turned expensive ferrari and lambos insured??????

    Anyone know of an insurance company in CA, USA that does it?

    How much are your premiums?


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    Re: How do you insure a kit car?

    You're in California which offers many different and creative obstacles to insuring kit cars, but if you pick up a copy of the latest issue of Kit Car Magazine, there are ads in the back focused on Insurance companies specializing in these kinds of project cars.

    If you already have one of more cars insured with your local agent, talk to him about insuring a "collector" car. This will provide you with extremely low premiums and some restrictions on how much or far you can drive your car.

    If you are using a Fiero as a donor, the easiest way to insure it is as a Fiero. The drawbacks to that is, if the car gets totalled, the Insurance Company will want to pay you ONLY for what the Fiero would be worth. You'll need to have the car independently appraised by a recognized agent of the state or at the state's department of the Treasury. They have offices set up to do nothing but appraisals on physial property.

    Again, in Kit Car Magazine, the frequently have articles about getting insured. A really extensive pice was published just a couple of issues ago.

    Local "Hot Rod" clubs or vintage car clubs are a great place to get information and references. These guys deal with the same issues we do. Plus, they've been at it longer

    Most of all, do your homework and keep your record clean!

    Best of Luck!

    DKOV -

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    Re: How do you insure a kit car?

    thanks DKOV!

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    Re: How do you insure a kit car?

    I went to

    Fino<br /><br /><br />The National Kit Car Club.<br />

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