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Thread: New Extreme replica club

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    New Extreme replica club

    Some of our customers want to show off there cars, there works of art so to speak.* In England there is an Italian replica club, but we regret that this particular club "Italian replica club" owned by Roy Kelly has banned all EXTREME replicas from his site, stand or exhibition (I wonder why?)....* It only leaves us one option to have our own club.* We want everyone not just Extreme kit owners to enjoy the replica world.* We hope to show at a minimum of 4 of the top shows a year in England, we want to be the best hosts offereing FREE non alcaholic drinks a FREE stand to show your prized possessions this does include ALL makes of other replicas, we may even be able to squeeze the odd sleeping arranging all for FREE.* I have had a lot of interest from most of the Extreme kit owners already, I am looking for some real and sincere interest from people who are going to support our club, help with setting up the stand etc, lets make our club like our kits, good quality, any one who is interested in joining contact me on my email,

    Dont forget anyone can join so ROY KELLYS CARS despite his lack of enthusiasm, BAD, FIERO, ROCK,* and any other type of replica from the Audi TT to Lamborghini.* Any cool names to call our club will be much appreciated.* Thanks again from the Directors of Mirror Finish and Extreme Cars.

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    Re: New Extreme replica club

    non alcaholic drinks can't wait to join that club ;D
    will you let owners of this 355 kit in ???
    read the coments about the soda stream 355's, take him out terry > >

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    Re: New Extreme replica club

    Thats the rock kit, if you look closly at the pics of the kit loose, the quality is quite poor. They still cant get over the cill being built into the door. The only thing I like is the bonnet opening the right way. The front looks too flat aswell, I'd like to see the car in the flesh.

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