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Thread: GT40 replica?

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    GT40 replica?

    Is there a Ford GT40 replica that's based on a donor?

    I like the car a lot, but I don't feel like buying an unfinished one for over 10k$

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    Re: GT40 replica?

    AASP build them. Look around for a thread with their name in the title. There was lots of info in that thread. Looks like a great kit!


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    Re: GT40 replica?

    thx...but I did a search and didn't find anything (except this post )

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    Re: GT40 replica?

    Hello, the company is ASPP, out of Surprise , az. their # is 520-689-0100. It is a nice bolt on kit that uses the fiero as a base donor. Interior can be left stock. The only panels reused from the Fiero are the fwd roof/a pillar, and it uses the doors, but covers them with door shells. Nice kit, around $7000 and pretty complete. The guy there is real nice and will send you an info pack if requested. There were a few for sale on I think. *The kit is avail as MK1 or MK2 *
    *sssseee ya, Mike

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