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Thread: How do I buy a "Givin up on" kit

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    How do I buy a "Givin up on" kit

    ??? I am new to your site and to the on-line kit car world. I am trying to convince myself (and my wife) that now is the time to start another kit car project. I had previously restored a Porsche Laser917. I drove it for about three years, had a daughter, you know the story.........Now nine years later,,,,,,,Time to dream again!!!!!!!
    OK to the point already,,,,,,,I am going to the club sandwich meet in Collinsville, Il. this sunday 15sept02. I have a couple of contacts from this club now and plan to meet them that day to pick their minds a little. I NEED a Lamborghini Countach kit to finish. I have been looking at the on-line ads but am not finding much to choose from.
    WHAT SHOULD I DEFINETLY STAY AWAY FROM? What are some of the "must ask" things? How do I get a car from LA to St. Louis? How does one figure the value of someone else's progress?
    I don't want to make a buy only to find out that the windshield is only made by a company in Angola Africa and can only be shipped via oil tanker during the winter months during only odd numbered years!!!!!!
    OK,,, I might have forgotten to ask that one. Sorry for the long rambling post but this is my DEBUT on this board!
    How'd I do?

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    Re: How do I buy a "Givin up on" kit

    first of all welcome, I am a newbie myself but have been working on a Countach for quite a while. First you should ask yourself , are you goint to get a short wheel base or a extended one? must of the short wheel base have a flat windshield that anyone can cut for you and replace it, that could be a diff on 250.00 average to a few thousand for a real one if you can find one. this is only my opinion, but some of the things I would look at if I was buying another one, has any of the drivetrain , suspension , brakes, steering, a/c etc. been replace or rebuild, that makes a huge diff. I bought mine w/out beeing rebuild and it has taken me quiet a while and $ to rebuild it, it adds up. Another thing take a look at, is the doors, are they align w/ the body, same w/ frt and rear deck lid, I spend over 3 months working on my doors and believe me that was not fun > it was very frustrading at times.
    What kind of rims the kit has, that makes quite a bit diff.
    Some of the nices kits I think are IFG aniversary edition, Shaddoe has one on his website on black and it looks beatifull, but it was a lot of work to get it like that, the other one I like is Euroworks, a guy build one and it's so good there are pic of it on the Lamborghini website.
    Well I hope some of this can help you.

    ps Before I got mine, I used to think how hard can it be, well after working on mine for so long , it's not only HARD, but its time consuming. One thing I learned, IT ALWAYS TAKES LONGER AND COST MORE THAN YOU THINK. but I am starting to see the light

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    Re: How do I buy a "Givin up on" kit

    Hi, all Lamborghinis replicas are most dififcult to build.but if you have to spend money on, take the stretched one.they look more real and cost just a few bucks more, windshield you can buy curved ,shaded from Euroworks for $300 or so. Re mechanical you have to change it anyway because btt you are finished all the stuff will rust.most important is body in good shape ,all panels fit well.even then you may still do some body work. A Lambo with very close look a like original will run around $25US and up.there is no limit on options.good luck. BTW get ready not to see your family for 2-3 years

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    Re: How do I buy a "Givin up on" kit

    I appreciate the input. I am considering a kit I found in LA. I need to talk to him on the phone first though. How would I get this kit to St. Louis from LA? I's not even mated to the chassis yet. How do I figure the value of something like this? I would post link to pics but don't want to give away my lead to other lookers! Do you dicker on the price? This,,,,and many more questions to come!!!

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    Re: How do I buy a "Givin up on" kit

    the Carlisle, Pa Kitcar Nationals is one place to find them. Also ran across lots of them on EBay.

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