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Thread: Help Finale Kit

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    Help Finale Kit

    Hey guys sorry to bug you again

    I have finally decided to go with the V8 Archie finale kit and i have run into some financial trouble that i thought you guys might be able to help me with.

    The main problem with me is that the kit is in USD, and that all together with the Kit, Interior kit, is going to be some where in the ball park range of $7500 with tax hopefully. Now after the conversion into CAD, lets just say worse case scenerio that the 1 CAD is worth about 50 cents canadian or some thing close to that, that will approximately run me $14-15k. After that i wish to do a V8 swap, now heres where my troubles kick in, i really cant go over my budget of $22,000 and thats with certain tool rentals and you know upholestary and all the little details, so where can i get a V8 swap for no more that $5000 CAD now i can get the motor that isnt the problem, the problem is that i am not mechanicaly inclined to perform such a feat yet. I remember that was a guys on this forum called something like Fieros Dallas, it was a fiero junkyard an i remember seeing a $6000 V8 350 swap on his site, has anyone had any experiance with him? I know that the master build kit from archie is around $4000 or something like that, but pardon my "newbieness" in terms of motor swapage, is that with transmission? or do i utlize the original fiero tranny? this is the type of project outcome that i am aiming for with all of the high tech mumbo jumbo. Any who i hope that you guys can give me a hand here because i would greatly appreaciate it

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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    Your talking about lloyd rascoe, I ll tell you all about him. Yes he does very good work, and has a large collection of fieros, the 88 year are his specialty,as well as the other years. I bought one of my fieros from him. He is located just outside Dallas, Texas. Send him an e-mail and talk to him, he is a very nice guy.

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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    I think I saw a V8 swap kit on Ebay yesterday for around $700 US. Check out
    Bob custom '84 Fiero SE --->>> custom F408

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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    Do a caddilac 4.9 V8 swap... the motor can be obtained for $500 CANADIAN and all the parts needed /tool rentals can't add up to more then another $500... also the "guru" for caddy v8 swaps, bubbajoex, is from and lives in Toronto...

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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    Great !!

    Thanks for the information guys, one more thing ari
    Does this gentleman perform actual swaps him self? or is it that type of thing where hes done it before and if you give him and few bucks he'll do it for you? Also where would be the best place to look for Caddy motors? are there any other types of motors that can work with "this" operation?

    Thanks alot

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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    I don't think he performs them himself anymore, due to failing health. He will sell you the necessary mounting brackets, and provide you with pictures/instructions of the whole installation fro free (I think thats all shown on the website listed above anyways... that's his website bTW)

    The best place to find a caddy motor is at any junk yard, usually the farther from toronto they are the cheaper the motors come... Here in London I found 5 or 6 of them for ~$450 each at the local junkyards... just open up the yellow pages under "Auto Wreckers" and start asking around.

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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    Thanks alot Ari

    Just Two more Newb question,

    I currently own a 88 GT and im not completely aware of some of the new inovations in certain engine conversions, This V8 caddy swap does it require the stock GETRAG tranny? or do i use the tranny on his web site? (I think it was the 5 spd Muncie if remember right) And i cant perform the swap my self due my current "Space Consuming" garage, and i just dont have the space to do it, do you know any that performs the swap if i pay for everything all materials, just labour? Thx alot Ari i really appreaciate your help

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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    The Getrag and 5 speed Munice are the same transmission just different names. Do a search on Pennock's if you want to know more. You can use a Fiero transmission or you can use the 4 speed automatic transmission that comes with the 4.9. This transmission is big and heavy but it is designed to work with the 4.9 engine so it can take the power and may make the wiring easier. If I do another engine swap I will do a 4.9 because of the cost and less kit parts needed than other engine swaps like the SBC or 3800SC.

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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    I am doing the 4.9 swap in my lambo kit, I found a really nice motor with all wiring and computer, as well as all engine accessories. It is best to get all the parts from the same car if possible. Bubbajoexx (I think) knows some local people who can do the swap for you, You might try e-mailing him. Any Fiero tranny will bolt up to that motor, I am using the 5 speed Isuzu, You can also use the caddy auto tranny.

    You can use the caddy 4.5 or 4.1 motors they all mount the same way. The 4.1 really is not worth the trouble as it has about the same performance as the fiero 2.8.

    As for mounts you can fabricate your own using heavy angle iron, Or get the ones from bubbajoexx. I am fabricating my own mounts. You will also need a custom flywheel, if you go with the standard transmission, You basically get a fwd 3.1 flywheel and have a machine shop plug the holes and drill out the caddy bolt pattern. The other thing is getting a good clutch/ pressure plate, probably the most commonly used for the caddy swaps is the Centerforce Duel Friction. If you have any questions feel free to ask


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    Re: Help Finale Kit

    WOW thx alot guys i really appreaciate the help

    In terms of Horse power, how much is the caddy 4.9 pushing? or does it really depend on the year? also i want a fuel injection motor not a carb does caddilac have a 4.9 V8 Fuel injected motor? and lastely i want to up the HP of the motor not matter what it is, because i have not done any Fiero motor swaps im not really sure of the whole surrounding of the engine bay, Is it easier to modify engine before or after the motor has been put in? like some of the things i want to do are: Some

    Header work
    Intake upgrades
    Exhast (dont really think it really matters if its in or out)
    Camshaft upgrader (course i might as well do this when the motor is out)
    and eventually a supercharger

    Thx for your help guys

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