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    Just what to say Hello and make sure I was singed up correct. Rex

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    Re: New Member

    Hi all,

    HI....Welcome to the forum, and I think I can speak for everyone on this...But do you have a kit or planning on building one??
    Me, I sell engines, the cars are free.&nbsp; I need something to crate the engines in.... Enzo Ferrari......<br />Today they are called garage&#039;s, yesterday, they were stable&#039;s.&nbsp; Eric Jacobsen...

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    Re: New Member

    ;D Hi Rex, Welcome to our madness.

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    Re: New Member

    Welcome aboard! What kind of car are you building / do you have?

    If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.

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    turn back !! now go into the light before you get the kit car curse
    never ending thinking about this one true ride that will be beyound all
    hurry turn back now
    ha ha jk welcome to hell

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