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Thread: Ferrari FX Replica?

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    Ferrari FX Replica?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has thought about or started a Ferrari FX replica. There is only one in the world, but I have been thinking about starting a 3D model and seeing where it goes.

    If anyone can help out or has suggestions tell me!

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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

    not to be a ass but what is a fx?

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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

    if it is one of these becareful because we are maken one but we are not resaleing it
    but we have been contacted by spa already
    be worry of the hourse

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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

    I got a feww to help you first when you lay the temps make shure you lay them all at once
    see I waited and there was a big storm .but it is fixed now
    also take all the vents and scoop first to spec also when you build your plug make shure your windows are fitted .
    also ask ddr they might give you some pointers

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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

    the ferrari FX is sorta mythos-ish and no one really knows about it, so making a replica would sort of have the same effect as rebadging a 300ZX which has aftermarket bumpers as a ferrari. even ferrari enthousiasts wouldnt believe it was one, and when they ask for proof, you couldnt show any anyways. sort of a dead end. :-\

    on the other hand you could make a replica body if you like the design, and sell it with little if any intervention from pininfarina or ferrari.
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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

    well yes true auto
    but we did did the enthos remember

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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

    auto is the fx the one that ron is doing
    or kinda like it

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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

    Maybe I'm confused - I thought the FX was a one-off car for Brunei Sultan (Like his 456 Estate)

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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

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    Re: Ferrari FX Replica?

    Yeah that's the car, and yes it was owned by the Sultan of Brunei.

    And yes, the main reason in making a kit would be for the looks, I wouldn't expect too many other than real Ferrari die-hards to recognize it.

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