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Thread: Good(aka honest) Shipping Company

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    Good(aka honest) Shipping Company

    I need to ship a large crate (aka car in a box) across the country. Most the most part I have heard nothing but bad things about large package shipping companies. I have heard of too many people getting really low quotes and when the box arrives, the shipping cost doubled. Can some one make any recommendations?

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    Re: Good(aka honest) Shipping Company

    I found out that Fed-EX bought out Viking Freight and will ship crates pretty cheep. I just logged into their web page and checked the cost of shipping from GA to CA and it was less than $500. YMMV.

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    Re: Good(aka honest) Shipping Company

    I also had GOOD experience using FedEx Freight for large boxes and engines....They will ship directly to their nearest loading dock and you'll have to pick up the box from there....Most freight companies will NOT deliver to a residencial address...

    I had very good experience with InterCity for shipping cars (twice already)....They are very professional and honest...Not the cheapest around..

    Stay away from using BT Autoexpress....a bunch of liars and very unproferssional.

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