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Thread: Ebay ferrari parts.

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    Ebay ferrari parts.

    Hey guys, just wondering if you have ever bought anything for your kit off of ebay. i just bought my first item, a 3" ferrari horse emblem and im hoping it all works out...

    Just wondering what everyone else is buying for their kits and have they ever had any problems???

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    Re: Ebay ferrari parts.

    I buy off eBay ALL THE TIME....99% satisfied with my purchases....

    where else can you find Ferrari stuff for cheap??

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    Re: Ebay ferrari parts.

    i buy stuff on ebay all the time too, and i've never had real problems (1 incident, worked out in the end). as far as automotive stuff goes, i got a 308 steering wheel horn button that retails for something like $100+ for $4 shipped, and it came in quick and in great condition. i also ordered some altezza taillights for $15 shipped to rip the round lenses out of for a 355 kit, and it seems the package came in fine so that's another automotive purchase that went ok.

    you need to be careful of anything weird like someone asking for a strange payment procedure like:
    - money orders or checks to a location different from item location, or to a different coutry (item is supposedly in NY, and shipping address is in Peru or something)
    - complex payment procedures (waiting 30 days to give you address to send money, PO boxes, etc..)

    i suggest using Paypal for purchases under $800 since anything over that amount can get very very messy if things go wrong. they also give a good protection policy but you need to be on time with everything. if you wait too long or the seller stalls, you risk losing the protection, which is what happened to me earlier.
    it's the basic rule of trading: play fair and be quick, and everyone goes home happy.

    feedback is also important, but you need to check the seller's history. it's easy to buy 10 $4 things to get a decent feedback history, and then try to rip someone off. if the seller has good feedback as a seller, it's usually safe.
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    Re: Ebay ferrari parts.

    Beware!! I bought some emblems from ebay a while back, and they were supposedly polished aluminum. When I got them, they were plastic, with that cheap 'chrome spray paint' that does not look like the cap when you apply it, you all know what I am talking about. Just junk. I ended up throwing them all away. Bottom line, ask questions before bidding to insure what they are discribing is what you are going to get.

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    Re: Ebay ferrari parts.

    International Auto Parts, Charlottesville, VA. 1-800-726-0555. Mostly Fiat, Alfa resto stuff, but also have a wide variety of quality Ferrari emblems. Fast service, too.
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