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Thread: Dihedral Syncro-helix Actuation Doors

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    Dihedral Syncro-helix Actuation Doors

    A.K.A. The Koenigsegg doors. Anyone experienced with the lambo hinges, how difficult do you estimate fabricating/installing a set of these would be?

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    Re: Dihedral Syncro-helix Actuation Doors

    lambo hinges are hinges, just strong and designed for vertical doors.

    the koenigsegg cc doors are pressurized (springs?) double cylinders with spirals so that when the door is opened, the pressure is released outwards and the cylinders follow the spirals (and rotate the doors upwards). not a very complex principle, but VERY hard to make and probably hell in terms of custom CNC work. you need to get something strong enough to rotate doors upwards while pushing them outwards, and anything that strong easily could shatter fiberglass. i think it's just a disaster waiting to happen if it's done one a kit car... :-\
    diablo doors at least use struts.
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