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Thread: Nissan silvia s15?

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    Nissan silvia s15?

    Hey just asking for a friend.
    Would it be possible to do a full body conversion of the s15 onto the 240sx aka the s14 in japan?
    They both have the same wheelbase. 99.4 and 99.4
    The reason why he cannot just import one over is because of canada's 15 year import rule. Car must be 15 year or older or is illegal
    for import which is why he's wondering about the possibility of doing a s15 silvia over a 240sx.
    How real do you think the finish product will look? any suggestions are welcome

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    Re: Nissan silvia s15?

    a. try getting body panels from japan or aftermaket ones from a japanese tuning shop
    b. adapt to the s14 if it works but i cant promise anything

    S13, S14, and S15 means they all use different chassis designs, so don't expect a bolt-on process
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    Re: Nissan silvia s15?

    you can get s15 conversions from many online tuning shops. they come with the head lights, radiator support, fenders, hood and front bumper from $1599- $2000 usd. buy some s15 tail lights on ebay and have your local paint/body shop mold them in for you. buy the s15 rear 1/4 glass from japan and have the same body shop mold your C piller and rear 1/4 panel to the shape of the glass. you will end up with an s15 clone that will fool most people. i was going to do the same project but i ended up spending all of the $ for that on my 350Z. good luck.

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